Videograph 5.1

Videograph is a multimedia player for Windows XP/VISTA/7

Videograph is a multimedia player for Windows XP/VISTA/7, with which digitalized videos, e.g. recordings of classroom instruction, can be played and at the same time be evaluated ("videographed"). The program enables the construction of observation categories and rating scales which the viewer can use as a "measuring instrument" to analyze the contents of the video. The coding can take place synchonously while the film is running. It can be segmented in time intervals ("time sampling") or refer to what happens ("event sampling"). The data created are graphically presented on the screen and can be transferred for statistical calculations or a graphic presentation to an external file, whereby the user can choose between the file format of the SPSS statistic program or a tab-delimited text format to import in a word processing program or in spreadsheet programs like Excel.

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